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Ive been using aftermarket LED bulbs for quite a long time. I try to buy from a real brand name that actually heard of and got much better experience than when just bought from generic Chinese brands despite the price difference. My buddy had a pair of 6000k HID bulbs from Kensun four years in his reflector housing on a 2002 Toyota. I think he had just one go out shortly after he installed it and he got a new bulb under warranty.This is clearly a good company to buy aftermarket products.

The light output of each one of these is actually 3000 lumens. So the total output theyre going to use is about 30 watts per bolt. Its 6000 lumens in total which is pretty good.Its going to be pretty much bright compared to the traditional halogen headlights, but definitely not brighter than HID.But its going to be a step up from what you currently have with the halogens.

Its made out of aircraft aluminum, which is said to keep it a lot cooler. All LEDs have fans to help dissipate the heat generated by the chip. The fans on these bulbs are quiet. You can hear the fans working on the bulbs, not too loud.

Kensun advertises that bulbs are for offroad use only which is a way for them to say Hey if you get a ticket were not responsible!. To say the truth, they did not produce a significant glare in my headlights so Im not sure if its a big deal.

In fact, they have included a bunch of pamphlets and a document with a quick start guide. Theres not really any critical information in here if youve been replacing LED headlights already.More importantly, we have the wiring guide for this part and its not hard to put together.Its not really all that intimidating with only three wires.

Theres a little notch on each side. That corresponds to the holes in the gasket. One notch is bigger than the other. You would have to put this on in a proper way in order to get it to fit, and then you would twist it the opposite way that you twisted it to get it off. That would be the end of that. You would have the retainer lock in place.

But lets turn on the high beams. Its a little bit of a different story. The high beams seem to cover up the patchy spots a lot better.

8000lm with waterproof and shockproof body

Kensun Kit comes in an aluminum case which is pretty cool. Usually it more likely to come in a paper box but this one is pretty nice. Theres like a foam padding up to protect the lights, operation manual and theglass filters (not plastic!) or the screens where you put over the headlight to change the color temperature. You dont have to worry about any sort of reliability issues or physical defects. They are not going to melt from heating.

If youre going to be installing these in your vehicle I still recommend that you properly align the headlight. Its very simple you just need to have a vehicle and the headlight against the wall and back your car up 25 feet and theres an adjustment screw right behind the headlight assembly. If you turn that screw counterclockwise it will lower the lightning and then if you turn clockwise will raise the lightning.

You dont have more glare than what the halogen itself. Also I find these LED lights puts up just the right amount of light onto the road. Its safer driving but it wasnt putting out so much like I was blinding for other oncoming vehicles which is very important. I cant stress enough that Ive tried other LED headlights where they claim to have a lot of movement. They probably do, but it just caused so much problem when you install those into native housing and these ones are just fitting perfect.

Its the C6F. It puts out 8,000 lumens and is rated at 6,000K for color temperature which is pure white. There is no external LED driver box. The reason for that because theyre integrated the driver inside the bulb and this gives it a very compact design.

This bulb is from Auxbeam. They are rated at 72 watts 36 watts per bulb and the lumen is about 4,000 each. This one is using a bridgelux COB chip LED. Theres one on each side and nothing on top of it.This is made out of aluminum, plastic and has a fan on a back side.All construction is waterproof as well.

Anyway, AKARUI is one of the best conversion kits on todays market top notch build quality combined with an impressive light output and CREE branded chips on board.

So keeping that in mind, this is why its so hard to find a good pair of LEDs for a standard reflector unit.

Aircraft grade Aviation 6063 aluminum case

I really like the pattern, the color and the build quality. There is no dead spots and these is a mechanism to change the pattern in case of any issues. This product in definitely one of the best on todays market.

The documentation actually was much better than any other LED documentations I have seen before.They recommended that the high beams face a certain direction and the low beams face a different direction. We are going to go ahead and chose that by default. Heres the information that comes with the Glowteck lights versus the other ones. This is actually helpful because the ideal position for the LED chips are to be facing to the right and left inside the housing.

I really like them. Im probably going to go and change all my other bulbs to LEDs now after Ive played with these. Massive improvement over the halogens, and more light is safer.

Simdevanma All-in-One is well build, easy to install LED convertion kit. You wont be disappointed with its performance or quiality.

A very impressive output with very easy installation. These bulbs put out 9600 lumens so its enough for almost any situation.Compared to HID bulbs theres also no need to be familiar with wiring or other stuff with a big old ballasts. So, LED nowadays are brighter and easier to install and thats a big plus. They also take less power away which means a better lifespan etc. Just plug them in and turn on. Simply as that.

When it comes to the base itself everything stays the same. Theres a hole on it. Theres an allen wrench to this screw. All these holes here that allow you to correct beam pattern. All you have to do is hold on and move it until it clicks and you find the right parent.

If we take a closer look at one of these LED lights we see we have two LED COB chips on each side.The aluminum body and the aluminum heatsink at the bottom and there is an integrated fan the bottom.

Once they customize it, then individual sellers can tout it as their own item. Youll see a little bit of a difference in specs and quality, but in reality they are the exact same products. This is not the only design thats been copycatted.Just be sure to buy these as they are authentic and not overpay for similar designed.

Theyre installed, theyre aligned. I thinkthese look fantastic in the night and they also look really good in the daytime. You just cant get that crisp white without the LED. I also absolutely love how it looks on the dash cam. It looks so blue. It really isnt like that in real life, but it just looks so cool. Turning the high beams on doesnt really make that much difference anymore though, so you can kind of get an idea from that as to high bright they are. They look really nice in the daytime too. It matches my LED angel eyes perfectly.

The only thing that worries me with these bulbs is the reliability of the fans and also the fact that it doesnt have a Canbus error, which I need on this car. Occasionally I get the jellyfish symbol come up on my display, which means I have to turn them back on and off again, simple. It works so far and Im going to be using them in the car.

Now, in this particular unit, its a pretty firm lock. You just pull that up, put it off to the side. One thing that I was afraid of is that this wouldnt fit with the standard retainer.Luckily, that wasnt the case and it is an extremely tight fit.It just barely allows itself to sit in place. Keep that in mind.Try not to break anything because there is a lot of friction holding stuff in place when you put the gasket back on.Dont forget that it is key, to meaning that it can only go on one way.

We have the fan and heatsink right here in the bottom,a gasket twists and a ball-bearing sort of thing. This is what allows you to move it because in the socket of your 9007 housing, the gasket will stay in place but youre able to turn the bulb itself in what looks to be one fourth turn increments. This is theoretically how it allows you to adjust the beam angle. The top diode has a reflector that will make the light go top and to the side. If you can imagine it coming towards you and then to the left and thats in order to try and mimic what a halogen does.

As far as the materials go, this is by far the beefiest LED I have yet to handle. The metal is definitely constructed a little more heavily here. Theres a lot more metal to it. It feels stronger but there is a downside to that. In order to dissipate heat faster, you want the fins to be thinner and you want to have a lot of fins.

But heres another problem with this.Granted this is a design for 9007 sockets, you should be careful because every 9007 retainer lock is not made the same. If youll notice there are little ridges on this retainer lock and all three of these little pieces is raised up by a few millimeters. Those few millimeters make a huge problem. Because if you put the retainer lock on the way you would imagine it would go and then try to get the gasket back on, you cant. Thats a problem.

The second feature allows you to move the base of the bulb, so that way if you do install the bulbs in the headlights and you realize that it is facing the incorrect way you can easily unscrew and move the bulb to the correct location. It allows everyone depending on your car to essentially adjust the lights to accommodate for the beam pattern that youre looking for or that works well with the car and with the headlight assembly thats designed for your car.

The reason why halogens works so well in a halogen style headlight assembly is because from the center of the bulb radiating outwards in all 360 degrees, there is a light. LEDs have a very hard time mimicking this and because of that we get things like beam scatter, patchy spots and in some cases really bad throw distance. In other cases like with the most copycats, we get completely unusable light for the most part.

I can tell you Im very happy with the performance of these only lights.The reason I say that is because it closely matches the previous installed halogen pattern.Its actually very hard to achieve because Ive tested other LED headlights where it might be much brighter, but when you install these in the reflector housing it can cause all kinds of problems with these LED lights.

High speed mute fan (12000R/Min) technology

The 9007 circular retainer lock has these big grooves that are only a few millimeters tall that prevent you from using the entire lock socket in the first place which means this light socket is no longer considered plug-and-play. All the other brands that I have worked with have always said it is plug-and-play, no issues.

Ive driven all times of the day and night with dry conditions as well as heavy rains. So the good things.Kensun lights are top quality.Every part feels sturdy and well built, nothing is shaky or worrying and it feels like a product that will outlast the car like it should. LED lights are typically supposed to last for 50,000 hours of use when theyre manufactured properly and trust me that doesnt always happen. In fact actually, thats very rare.

Now, first off, lets go over the specifications, we are reviewing theAKARUI LED Headlight Conversion Kitchips. Both bulbs produce a combined output of 10,400 Lumens. The color temperature is 6,000 Kelvin, has an estimated lifespan of about 50,000 hours, and it comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

So, lets see whats inside the box and talk about some of the very unique features that this kit has.

Basically Kensun are known as the best affordable brand name for aftermarket HID headlights for years.They have made HID headlight kits which are supposed to be some of the highest quality on the marketthat wont bankrupt you and now theyre starting to use LED headlight bulbs to keep up with new market trends.

If you look at most newer vehicles, youll see they have whats called the projector style unit. This type of unit focuses beams in a very directionalized manner. These reflector units tend to be designed with the concept of a halogen light bulb in mind.

Here they are, new LED headlight bulbs from NAO. The bulbs Im looking at today are H7s but you have H1s, H4s, H11, H13, HB1, HB3, HB4, and HB5 variants to choose from.If you believe what they say, each bulb goes for a quality control test and gets a seal of approval before being sent out. Other than the brightness, the other main advantage of LEDs is the lifespan. You can see just how much of an improvement it is over the previous generations. I really like the design of these, the braided cable and the actual color scheme.

So now that weve gone over the specs, lets actually talk about the bulbs themselves. Going over everything that comes in the box, obviously, we get the LED itself. It is this nice fancy bright red. The color is really not of any real concern here. We also got the controller. If we open up and dump everything out, youll see that nothing comes really pre-wired. Yes, they did do this on purpose.At the end connection, this would plug into your factory wiring harness. In order to figure out how to put this on your factory wiring harness, there is also some instructions.

Essentially the biggest point of this kit that nobody else on the market provides actually allows you to get a consistent light pattern instead of just being stuck with the way that bulb was designed.

LED light color is pure white and the beam pattern actually matches the factory very well. You dont see a lot of glare at the top edge on the LED side. Nevertheless you might need to align it and lower just a little bit. Theyre pretty closely matched.

If you do need it to come out, you would press down or up on the actual pins on it. You press it up and then you can pull it out and readjust to configure to whatever you need it to configure to.

I think it would work really fine in any projector and reflector units (see the sample from my Honda Accord). The first kit for Honda still works great. I guess it really depends on your car model and headlight type, will you like the new LED kit or not.

Lets take a closer look at the bulbs. Theres low and high functions with a reflector to give you a good beam and cut off line. There are two small holes to unscrew the heatsink for easy installation in tight spots and then once you install the actual bulb you can reattach the heatsink. Otherwise if you have enough space then you can just go ahead and just put it into place. Thats pretty good.

Materials are very solid and theres no question about product quality. It also has a great value, being almost a twice cheaper than top rivals from the list. And thats the strongest point of these. The difference in not near TWICE in terms of price and quality. Again, they are very well made with 50,000 hrs lifespan and a strong 6K Cool White beam. If youre looking for the best price-to-output product thats definitely the One.

I know this because I am a technician and we deal with sort of thing on a CPU heatsinks all the time.Thinner fins mean faster heat dissipation and because they are thicker thats probably why its heavier, but it also feels stronger.Its not going to fall apart easily. Moving on to the wiring set, this is also an interesting thing. Every other LED headlights that I have tried out, has had a controller unit between the 9007 plug and the bulb itself. This one has an integral unit which is probably why the bulb itself feels a little heavier and probably why its shrouded in heavier metal to protect the controller unit thats integral to the system.

Okay, so both lights are in and I believe the lighting pattern is okay.It looks good. Ive got the spread going down the bottom, its flat on the top on both sides, so thats good.When youre doing it you want to make sure that the wire is always pointing to the inside and you shouldnt have an issue with the beam angle. You can see the little adapter things that hold the bulb in place. This entire unit does spin, but I wouldnt recommend fiddling with it.

The high beams should be reflecting upwards. In this case, the high beams may be backwards because in the diagram it shows that the one reflecting upwards is the top diode. Then we lock it in and everything fits. The connection for the controller simply just goes right into the factory wiring harness of the 9007 socket lights.

So, everything is good to go. It aint going to move or do nothing. The nice thing about this system is because the controller is integral, we dont have wires going everywhere like we did with all the other LED units. You just plug it in, turn it on and just let it do its thing.

Thankfully the lights are not scattered like on the lower end units.Theres a lot of units in this price range that just dont have a design that can properly diffuse lights. I would have to say its slightly patchy based on my real world view of thing and thats not so bad. Patchy is livable but not what you should expect for your

Youre looking for the best and brightest bulb upgrades for your headlights in your car? Well, then chances that youve got a halogen light bulb in it are pretty high. And youre still confused on HID or LED and whats best? Then were going to break down the differences between them and explain everything clearly in our buyers guide. We will determine the best heatsinks design, connectors and LED types and choose the best products for today. So, if youre not familiar with LED bulbs and technology then I strongly recommend to start with ourbuyers guide.

Lets get on with the actual bulb itself. One of the things LED headlights have to do in order to simulate the way they throw light out like a halogen is they have to throw light omnidirectionally. It cant be in any directional way otherwise it wont throw the beam of the headlight correctly and you will end up with scattered beams which make the bulb useless.

With no further delay lets see the best LED headlight conversion kits that are good enough to make it to our top 10 LED Headlights Kits of 2018.

The specs are following: each bulb produces 3300 lumens. Each bulb consumes 36 watts and has an estimated lifetime of 30,000 hours. There is nothing mentioned about a warranty of any sort. A lot of good bulbs will either have a one, two or lifetime warranty that comes along with them.

The high beam is going to full voltage which is about 14.1 with the engine running and so it doesnt show any flickering or stroking. The beam is bright and powerful. Definitely recommended kit.

With the kits you have instructions which gives you a few different ways of installation and how to utilize them in installation to get the best result of the headlight. The package is nice overall and you have two bulbs, two ballast. This one is a complete plug-and-play as usual.

What this bulb attempts to do is instead of having any clever proprietary design, they just went for a simplistic approach where they have three LEDs, two facing one way and one in the back to try and get 360 degrees of light going around it, to try and simulate what halogens do.

Basically, we just put it in as seen on a quick start guide.When it clicks into place, you hear a good solid click. It shouldnt come out.

Lets take a look though. Once again with the 9007 socket. The 9007 socket is known for having compatibility issues with aftermarket products, which is why I like working with it because it really tests the engineering of a product. This particular model claims to have 8000 lumens combined between the two, and pulls 76 watts according to the information and hasa two-year warranty.Once again, its a two-year warranty, and its an original product.

There is really a difference in the lighting pattern where the LED is spread out wider than halogens. Now that theyre installed, find a place in the night where you can put the car up against a flat wall and adjust your beam angle. Position the car roughly 20 feet away from the garage.

Its the Cree LED so its going to be pretty good with life span. Overall this heat sink on the back side in this metal heatsink has a good way to get quality and seems really well-built for that price. And these are not very pricey.

The patchiness and scatteredness of the beams are much less than expected. Whether its the snow or the actual pavements there are certainly a ton of dark spots and patchy spots. Something that this light bulb manufacturer in the advertisement claims will not happen with their bulbs due to the arc beam technology that they claim to be using. But anyway, actually caused by projector type of your vehicle. So you need aprojector style unitin your car to get the most of this LED conversion kit.

Now, if youre like me and youre going to install them on a BMW 5 Series, its going to be a couple things youre going to have to do first. That is basically, take the metal collar that comes with the bulbs. Take that off, it should just be a case of pulling it straight up. I found it was easiest to wiggle it back and forth until it came loose. Once thats off, youre ready to put the bulb holders the heat sync of the bulb. Once thats sitting loosely on the heat sync, you can go ahead and clamp down the collar.

The build quality itself is pretty good. The aluminum is all nice. The diodes are very well placed. The construction of everything is very nice, but does it work is the main question. We can talk about how nice its made but I was actually going to see how well it works. One thing that makes the 9007 socket a little difficult to deal with when it comes to aftermarket LEDs, is the fact that the heat sink prevents you from putting the circular retainer lock on. Normally, theres a way to get this on without having to modify anything. In this case, the gasket just comes off. We can place the retainer lock and put the gasket back on. This is hard to do with one hand, but we are able to get it all the way onwithout modifying the retainer lock at all. This is truly plug-and-play.

So this is a Glowteck EXTREME360 LED Headlight Conversion Kit. There are a tremendous amount of copycat manufacturers thats uses this design. Thats what happens when theres a blanket manufacturer that makes the product and can customize it a little bit.

Remember that all reflector units are slightly different from each other. As theyre designed with OEM parts in mind, particularly halogens. Projector units are different.Projector units have a very similar design about them and the way they throw light is completely different from a reflector unit.Its important to remember that reflector units may have a ton of whats called unusable light which has light that is there but its not bright enough to physically make a difference for you to let you see the road any better than what you can. But it does tend to throw light out in a bunch of different directions that is not useful to you.

And on the opposite end is a plug for a 9005 socket. So as you can see there is no separate LED driver. This all built-in within this LED bulb so this is the plug-and-play and the marking is very clear on which side is positive and which side is negative. The color is rated at 6,500K. This will be pure white as far as LED is concerned.

Short locking tabs may lead to installation problems

So, 9007 socket is infamous for having compatibility issues. Heres why. Normally when you have a light bulb, you plug the bulb in and the gasket keeps it in place. Next, you would take the circular retainer lock and put it over the bulb and lock it in. That will prevent the bulb from moving and then you plug the wiring harness from your car into the bulb. You cant do that in this order because the heat sink doesnt allow you to get the retainer lock all the way up to where the gasket it. Have no fear.Pretty much every LED headlight that uses a fan system and not a passive cooling technique has already thought of this issue.And most of them have the gasket turned to the side, unlocks it and you can slide it up.

With that being said, after you do that, you hook up the rest of the wiring harness and everything should just plug into the factory OEM harness inside of your car. Plug it up and give it a shot. Very simple and easy.

A normal, high-quality halogen bulbs, produce about 1500 and 1700 lumens of light. Halogen high beam bulbs produce about 2600 lumens of light. These Kensun LED bulbs are brighter. So I absolutely believe that 3000 lumens coming out of your low beams are enough. A 4,000lm would be too much while some other companies supposedly produce like 4500 lumens or 5,000lm. Thats not really necessary.

Those ridges are making the retainer lock sit up higher than it should and because its sitting up higher than it should, the little grooves inside of the gasket right here cant slide under this metal piece where it would slide over and then twist and lock in place.

The big thing about these HIKARI are Cree XHP50 chips, similar to Glowteck EXTREME360. These are impressive in terms of brightness delivery even if your car is 5 or 7+ years old.They feel even more brighter than a more popular Simdevanma C6, but really, you cant tell it for sure without special equipment to get the exact output. Also, they were compared on two different cars and there is no exact numbers you can rely on. The things is they feel very similar, with slight advantage in terms of brightness to HIKARI I would say. It looks like HIKARI is better in a close range, but Simdevanma seems to be better on long distances. Again, they were installed on my friends car and thats quite personal to see the difference between these two. I guess choosing HIKARI would wise for something more massive like trucks or large SUVs outdoors, while C6 is more suitable for everyday city driving business/compact class cars.

Lets say you want like a more blue or white like a blue tint to it, so you want to put one of these on or you want to get like natural daylight colors that you put those on select 6000K or 5000K or 4000K.

Could be not as bright as you may expect from 8000 lumens. You will need projector type headlights to feel most of these numbers.

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