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Foreign Exchange Conversion:All transactions made in a foreign currency will be converted to Canadian currency at the then current Mastercard conversion rate plus 2.5% (for charges to your account) or minus 2.5% (for credits to your account) when the transaction is posted to your account.

This product is an Online Exclusive. You can pay for it online and then pick it up at your selected store.

†In the form of electronic Canadian Tire Money®(CT Money®).Terms and conditions apply to collecting and redeeming. Not all items sold at Canadian Tire are eligible to earn CT Money. Terms and conditions apply to collecting and redeeming. Visit m/ctm for more information. The offered rate is exclusive of any bonus or promotional offers or redemption transactions. CT Money is collected on the pre tax amount.

ƒAdditional Information for the Triangle Mastercard:

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Cash Advance Fee: $4 – Charged when the transaction is posted to your account.

1Based on the level of net new purchases (purchases less credits) that are posted to your Gas Advantage Mastercard account in any monthly billing period, you will be entitled to a discount on each litre of gasoline or diesel fuel that is purchased for a motor vehicle at Canadian Tire Gas Bars during the following monthly billing period and that is charged to your Gas Advantage Mastercard. The discount that you receive in a billing period will be reduced to 2 per litre after you have made purchases of more than $500 for gasoline, diesel fuel or any other sundry items at Canadian Tire Gas Bars during that billing period using your Gas Advantage Mastercard. For complete program details please read the Canadian Tire Gas Advantage Mastercard Terms and conditions.

®/TMUnless otherwise noted, all trademarks are owned by Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited and are used under licence.

**Online prices and sale effective dates may differ from those in-store and may vary by region. Dealers may sell for less.Pricing Policy

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Auto LED Light Bar features both spot and flood beam patterns, the LEDBar Dual™ is the best of both worlds

®/TMMarks is a registered trademark of Marks Work Warehouse Ltd, used under licence

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^ For a list of participating Marks locations please visit /financing

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All charges to your account (excluding cash transactions and related fees) 19.99%

This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.

Cash transactions (for example: cash advances, balance transfers, convenience cheques, money transfers, purchase of travellers cheques and gambling transactions) and related fees 22.99%

If you are not approved for a card at the above rates, Canadian Tire Bank may still issue you a card at an annual interest rate of 25.99% for all charges (excluding cash transactions and related fees) and 27.99% for cash transactions and related fees.

IP67 rated, the housing is both shockproof and waterproof. Rated for 50,000 hours of use on any 12-24V system each LED bar comes complete with pivoting, adjustable mounts for a full range of movement for light aiming

A shatterproof, UV-resistant polycarbonate lens ensures clear vision while an aluminum alloy, heatsink design housing ensures cool operation for durability and long life

for this order will take approximately 1-2 days extra., timePredefined:as of 0, errorMessage:Please select a store in the a class=stock-status__error-message__link title=Store Locator href=0

This product may be available at other stores in your area. ChooseCheck other storesto see availability.

®/TMSport Chek is a registered trademark of FGL Sports Ltd, used under licence.


®/TMMastercard and World Mastercard are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

* Equal payments, no interest for 24 months (unless stated otherwise) is only available on request, on approved credit with a Canadian Tire Bank issued credit card and on purchases of items at Canadian Tire, Sport Chek or participating Marks stores of $200 or more (excluding gift cards). Interest does not accrue during the period of the plan. However, if we do not receive the full minimum due on a statement within 59 days of the date of that statement, or any event of default (other than a payment default) occurs under your Cardmember Agreement, all special payment plans on your account will terminate and (i) you will then be charged interest on the balances outstanding on such plans at the applicable regular annual rate from the day after the date of your next statement, and (ii) the balances outstanding will form part of the balance due on that statement. There is no administration fee charges for entering into a special payments plan. Not available on purchases using a Low Rate Options. Each month during an equal payments plan you are required to pay in full by the due date that months equal payments plan instalment. Any unpaid portion not received by the due date will no longer form part of the equal payments plan and interest will accrue on that amount from the day after the date of your next statement at the applicable regular annual rate. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance is brought to you by Canadian Tire Services Limited.

in 0-1 days. b

and the CANADIAN TIRE Triangle Design are registered trade-marks of Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited.

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You can only purchase this item in stores. It is currently unavailable for online purchase.

2Some conditions apply. See Rewards Program Terms and Conditions for details.

This item is not regularly stocked at this location; however, some items may appear available because of returns. Please contact the store for details.

Each bar is efficient and powerful, featuring a dual row of Cree™ LEDs for maximum output and quality

Portable Car Shelters & Accessories

Credit Balance Fee: The lesser of $10 or the amount of your credit balance. – Charged on the last day of a billing period when there is a credit balance on the account and the account has been inactive for the previous 24 billing periods.

NSF/Dishounoured Payment Fee: $25 – Charged if a payment you make is dishonoured.

Auto LED Light Bar is designed for max brightness and longevity. Extensive testing revealed, after several hours of testing, LED bars operate the brightest and last longest at the optimized power design.View MoreRead More

Charges for Copies: $2 – Charged when you request a copy of a statement or sales slip.


Additional information for residents of Quebec only:The regular annual rate for persons applying for the Triangle Mastercard is 22.99% for cash transactions and related fees and 19.99% for all other charges. Some applicants may receive a higher or lower regular annual rate depending on a credit evaluation. The minimum payment is the sum of (a) interest and fees shown on your statement, (b) the greater of any amount past due or any balance over your credit limit, (c) the amount of any equal payments plan instalments then due, and (d) $10. Balances under $10 are due in full. For residents of Quebec, the period between the statement date and the due date for payment is 26 days. The billing period covered by each statement can be from 28-33 days. The Triangle Mastercard does not have an annual fee. Examples of borrowing costs (rounded to the nearest cent) assuming that all charges are purchases bearing interest at the regular annual rate of 19.99%, a 30 day month, no charges made on special payment plans and no other fees, additional payments or other changes are:

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