Audi Matrix LED Headlights Likely to Become Available in the United States Soon

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Audi Matrix LED Headlights Likely to Become Available in the United States Soon

The Bavarian automaker further beat Audi in the U.S. when the DOT approved laser headlights forthe i8in 2015, representing a $6,300 optional extra. As things stand now, Audi needs to do something more if it wants to remain relevant in thebattle of the headlights. In this regard, autoevolution reached to the German company to find out what the future holds for Audi in the U.S.

Audi Matrix LED Headlights Likely to Become Available in the United States Soon

Speaking to autoevolution, a spokesperson told us thatno outsmartingwent into adapting theR8s laser headlightsto U.S. standards. Thats a bold take on the matter, especially if you take into consideration that the countrys Food and Drug Administration had to rubber-stamp the deal. Whys that? Well, lasers of all sorts are filed under the category of medical devices. Hence, the FDA is the federal agency who can decide if a laser is safe to use or not.

Audi wont stop here, though. The Audi official went on to tell us that the manufacturerwill continue to work with NHTSA onmatrix lights.The thing, however, is that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has no authority to approve passenger vehicle equipment. Its the Department of Transportation who gives the go-ahead. As long as the equipment is DOT approved, the NHTSA regards that as an affirmative statement of compliance with an applicable NHTSA rule. In our case, its the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 – Lamps, Reflective Devices and Associated Equipment.

As you might have heard by now,Audi finally launched laser headlights in the United States. It has been a long wait considering that BMW beat its arch-rival by debuting the first production car with laser headlights (the BMW i8) in 2013.

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Given the circumstance, its highly probable that Audi will debut Matrix LED headlights in 2017, likely for the 2018 model year. While we wait for Audi to publicly announce that technology bettered antiquated regulations, it should be noted that Matrix LED lights made their debut in 2013 on thefacelifted A8. As a brief refreshed, Euro-spec Audi models available with Matrix LED lights range from the compact-sized A3 to the full-sized A8 and R8 supercar.

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