7 Best LED Light Strips To Buy Right Now 2018

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Lastly, these automotive led lights have 4 adjustable levels of dimming. Along with that, you get multi color brightness, speed adjustments, wireless turn on/off, and a remote range of up to 10 meters.

Lighting EVER Flexible LED Strip Lights Kit

A simple plug and play option when it comes down to automotive led light strips, are the IHXSS LED Lighting Kit. Very similar to the other kit just mentioned earlier, using this kit will give you the standard RGB (red, green and blue) colors. On top of that, theres 16 multi-colored combination options and a DIY selection to create your very own color.

Some of types of vehicles you can places these LED lights on are Harleys, Sportbikes, Cruisers, Scooters, Yamahas, Honda Dirt Bikes, Enduros, Golf Carts, Trailers, and believe it or not even Snowmobiles. Theres a few different colors coming from this kit, red, blue, green, pink, yellow, blue green and white. Some modes you can have these lights flash in are: flashing, jumping, and fading.

XKTtsueercrr LED Light Strip Roll Kit

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Being 100% waterproof, means youll be able to mount these light outdoors. Click below to see the current best deal, and why over 70 individual users have rated it a near perfect 5 stars.

What we love about them is their price, for less than 20 dollars you get a pretty good starter kit which will add some spunk to your interior (for both automotive and home use). They are non waterproof, and thats really the only downside we found.

When it comes to choosing the right led light strip kit, theres hundreds of brands to choose from. Give or take though, they all tend to cope one another and stick their own brands on them (claiming to be unique). The ones you should be looking at are the ones that can run off of 12 volts, can be hardwired, waterproof ideally, and arent too expensive. Specifically, led strips for cars use very little energy, so running them throughout your vehicles entire interior should be a non-issue.

Taking a more general approach, the LE Flexible LED Strips are an excellent addition to your automobiles interior. You can even use them in your home, but were going to cover the specs primarily for vehicle use only.

These lights can be used in both home and automotive applications. Being waterproof makes them resistant to most harsh elements which would otherwise break them. Theres a wide array of colors to choose from, from your typical red, blue and green to some unique colors like purple green, pink and more.

Right below, weve put together a list of the 7 best led light strips to buy. Some of them will be meant for interior use only, while some others will be 100% waterproof for exterior use. No matter which you choose, youre likely hood of being 100% satisfied is high.

OPT7 Aura Smart-Color LED Strips Interior Lighting Kit

If youd like to check them out for the current best price, click below.

You get a power adapter and a remote control to give full control of your lights. Being light emitting diodes means they will produce very little heat, and be 100% safe to handle by children.

Click below to see the current best price.

Right off the bat, you get 300 LEDs in the 5 meter long strip, cuttable ever 3 LEDs. With the ability to run off of 12 volts, you can hardwire them directly into your automobile. Using the wireless remote control, youll be able to switch between different colors and various light patterns (flashing, strobing, auto etc).

Overall, for the price youre getting a pretty good set of lights. Proper installation is key for the best results and longevity. Click below to see them.

Supernight Waterproof Flexible Color Changing LED Light Strip Kit

While this led light kit is primarily advertised to be for motorcycle use, being waterproof it makes a great set for automobiles as well. This kit in particular comes in a 12 piece set which youre able to control by a remote.

The most bought and rated led light strip kit on Amazon by far, is the SuperNight 5 Meter Long Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Kit. What makes this unit SO unique, is the various combination of configurations you can get this kit in.

Overall these lights are quite durable and can twist/curve around most surfaces. Being covered in a clear rubber coating makes it weather resistant. You can click below to see the current best price.

Being waterproof adds an additional layer of protection in case you decide to use them outside. You can always see this entire kit by clicking below.

LHXSS Waterproof LED Light Strip Kit

Coming in as our 4 led strip lights for cars, its the Tingkam Flex LED Strips Kit. This whole unit comes as a complete, ready to use product. Use it outdoors or indoors. For automotive interiors, you can use zip ties to quickly tie them in place.. or you can use the self-adhesive tape provided on the back of the led strip.

Coming in at about 16.4 feet long (about 5 meters), this flexible 12v led light strip kit can be tucked into very small corners and give off a bright light output. If youd like to cut it and make it shorter without damaging the other leds.

Using the power adapter for 110v-240v, youll be able to use them in both North America and other countries. If youd like to use them in your vehicle, they run on 12 volts with no problem.

As were getting closer to the 1 most recommended led strips for cars, wed like to point out that for the most part.. they perform the exact same function the only differences tend to be quality and value. For our 3 pick, we have the XKTsueercrr 16.4ft/5meter long lighting kit.

You get a control unit for home use, and a wireless remote to use at your convenience. Coming in as a roll, you get a total of 16.4 feet or 5 meters of LED lights. Using the remote control, youll be able to interchange from different colors and switch flashing styles (auto, fade, flash, jump).

Installation is quite easy, as youll have the ability to properly cut the led strips accordingly in order to achieve your desired length. The self-adhesive tape backing can be used to mount your lights in odd positions. Youll receive a wireless remote control and a control box for home use. From theseled bulbs,you should expect a LONG life span of 50K+ hours.

Tingkam Waterproof RGB LED Flexible Strips

Theres essentially nothing wed like to complain about here. They are waterproof, have quite a few settings to customize your lighting. You can click below to see the current best price.

When it comes down to doing any kind of interior modification, one of the easiest things one can do is hardwire some led light strips. While this can be done wrong easily, when done right, it looks the business. No matter what type of vehicle you have, having some interior lighting can give your passengers not just a good impression but even a happier one.

To start off, you get a very stylish mini remote which allows you to switch from various color combinations (16+ colors), and various color cycles (strobe, flash, auto etc). In addition to the colors, the SoundSync integration allows the lights to flash with the beat of your music.

Weve went through 6 other kits, and for the 1 pick we went with OPT7s LED strip kit. Much like the LED headlight bulbs we picked to be in our top 3, OPT7 has definitely made a kit that is suited primarily for automotive interior use.

We are constantly getting to try the latest car products in the market. When we come across really good products, we will share them with you periodically. If you are interested, go ahead and share your email with us!

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