6 Best Offroad LED Light Bars to Buy in 2018

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Along with being extremely bright, this light bar is durable and built to last.

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Black Oak meets all of the standards of the high end light bars, however they keep their products at a reasonable price.

As the first projected LED light bar, the E-Series from Rigid Industries is without a doubt one of the best LED light bars you can purchase. The E Series has set a high standard for brightness and visibility, making it a top choice for offroad enthusiasts, racers, farmers, and even police, fire, and rescue teams. The entire E-Series is available in a wide range of lengths and configurations, so you are sure to find something that perfectly fits your specific needs.

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By far Auxbeam is the best bang for the buck!!

My first impression was probably something similar to what God himself felt in Genesis 1:3, Then God said, Let there be light, and there was light.

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These things are able to be configured in an endless fashion or broken apart to mount all over your rig. Whatever you want.

Huge light output, has survived harsh winters outside uncovered and extreme off-roading. A+, worth the money.

Westin EF Series Double Row LED Light Bar

Auxbeam CREE Curved Series LED Light Bar

Installed this 10 Combo light bar on my Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans and dont regret it, I can see way down the trails now, made with quality and built to last, luv it.

The brightness and build quality of the light bar far exceeded my expectations!

When looking for an offroad LED light bar, its important to keep in mind the specifics of your vehicle. So you choose a product that fits your needs. Each vehicle, and each truck light bar, is unique, so youll want to take your time and make a fully-researched decision.

Used by both the United States Border Patrol and NASA, the Xmitter LED light bar series from Vision X is one of the most rugged and durable options on the market. When you need a basic, effective, no-nonsense light, without all the frills and add-ons, an LED truck light from the Xmitter series is a wise choice. The Xmitter series from Vision X offers low power consumption with seamless beam pattern, making it a top choice for any offroad enthusiast.

Easy installation and draws no power at all.

The range is exceptional too, about 200 yards across the corn field and lights up quite nicely!

When it comes to offroading, you need the best LED offroad light bars possible. You not only need a high-quality product that can take a few knocks, you need bright lights that clearly show the path ahead. When you are searching for lights, consider these LED bar. They are the definitely among the top rated and reviewed light bars for your truck, car, or any other vehicle that are on the market today! And if youre looking to add even more light to your car or truck, consider one of thebest hid headlight conversion kits!

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Start by looking at the dimensions of your truck or offroad vehicle to make sure you find an item that perfectly fits the space. Whether you are looking for something to mount to the top of your vehicle or you need an item to mount on the grille, it doesnt do you any good to purchase an item that wont fit. Take your time and make precise measurements, including the total available width and, if mounting to the grille or bumper, available height.

Great product, very well made and in the USA

Reviews for Rigid Industries E-Series LED Light Bars:

Reviews for Westin EF Series Double Row LED Light Bar:

Reviews for KC Flex Expandable LED Light Bars:

The Double Row series from Black Oak provides bright visibility to a wide range of outdoor adventures. The product is created to allow for convenient mounting right out of the box, allowing you to spend less time in the garage and more time enjoying your lights. These LED truck lights are powder coated for long-lasting quality, and use a military-grade breather to ensure no moisture fogs the bar. These are made to fit a wide range of uses, including cars, trucks, snow mobiles, tractors, and trailers.

Phenomenal light, super bright, all the quality of the so called top brands, without the high price.

Reviews for Auxbeam CREE Curved Series LED Light Bar:

The output was awesome. I could not believe how bright they were. Definitely going to add a front and rear set to my Ranger side by side and Ford F250.

Man this thing is a beast! Very well made aluminum body and heat sink.

Vision X Xmitter Series LED Light Bar

The e series lights are great no questions asked, I put this light on my Yamaha Grizzly and cant believe how great it works.

You also need to check the amp draw of the light. Offroad LED light bars can use a lot of energy, so its ideal to find one that doesnt drain the battery quickly but still provides excellent lighting. If you do purchase an LED light bar with a big amp draw, consider one of ourBest Car Batteriesto power it. Youll also need to understand lumens, which is a measurement of the lights brightness. The higher the lumens, the brighter the bar is.

I brought the light to help give better lighting to the front of our new car. Some roads we travel are very very dark. This was a great buy.

When I powered it up I was amazed at its depth of field and brightness.

Really bright and covers a lot of area easy to mount and great housing.

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– Available in 6, 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50

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You also want to look at the available mounting brackets and fasteners. Some of the products may not be mountable right out of the box, so take time to note what you need for fasteners and whether or not the LED light bar has the items you need.

They bring a smile to my face every time I hit the switch! Absolutely excellent light array here. I will be getting more!

Their reflector technology is top drawer also, so those prime-choice LEDs get all their light out front where you need it.

Designed in-house by the Westin staff, these powerful and effective lights are another great choice for LED light bars. They are not only extremely powerful and bright, but thanks to Westins innovative engineering, they also produce less heat. They are built with housing that keeps internal temperatures at a minimum, allowing the offroad lights to run longer and brighter. They have a powder-coat finish and custom-molded rubber seal to lock out moisture, as well as an unbreakable scratch-resistant lens.

I love the light bar, mounted it at the front edge of hood, The light pattern is great and out shines the 2 100watt KC daylighters mounted on each side.

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Here is a list of 2017s top rated and reviewed LED light bars to help you choose the best products for your car, truck, or offroad utility vehicle:

Looks and works great. Feels very solid.

Damn thats bright for a small light!

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The Rigid 20-inch LED light bar in their E-Series is trail-tested and built as ruggedly as any light bar on the market…If you want an LED light bar that actually performs and provides years of utility, the Rigid E-Series should be at the top of your list.

I have recommended this to several of my off-roading buddies, and 3 of them have already bought it after seeing it on mine.

Came in double boxed and protected nicely…great fit and finish…love it….dont know how Ive been without it.

Next, look for the spread of light that you will get from the bar. This includes not only the length of the available light, but also the width. Most offroad enthusiasts would agree that distance is not as important as width. This is because when you are offroading, you generally move slow, so seeing what lies 50 yards ahead is not important. Instead, you want a light that shows a wide area directly in front of your offroad vehicle.

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I use this on my FJ cruiser for high mountain SAR and it performs well beyond any halogen light.

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If you are looking for a curved light bar to add to your offroad vehicle, look no further than the Auxbeam CREE Curved Series LED light bars. These are some of the most popular and effective offroad lights, and with a curved profile, they provide a vast expanse of light to thoroughly enhance your vision at many angles. Auxbeam uses an innovative 5D optic design to create spectacular lighting on the trail. It also has a full aluminum housing, which provides durability and doubles as a heat sink.

Sasquatch is going to kick your ass for using this light…This light is so bright its going to piss him off. Its STUPID bright.

The possibilities for offroad lights are nearly endless with the KC Flex Expandable LED Light Bars. No matter what type of off-road (or on-road!) vehicle you own, you can use this LED bar to create a world-class lighting combination that gives you superior vision on any of your adventures. They are stackable, connectable, and expandable, so you can have lighting with the brightness, width, design, or length that you prefer.

I cant say enough good things about these except I cant wait to get a couple more for my hood or roof.

My 20 duel row light bar is perfect for my ranch hand front bumper and gives me plenty of light to see any deer or livestock that might get in the way.

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You get is a nice beam of light that covers a lot of ground straight forward.

Rigid Industries E-Series Light Bar

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Finally, you want to find a product from a brand that has a strong reputation. The following light bars, for example, are from the most reputable light manufacturers in the world.

Reviews for Black Oak Double Row LED Light Bar:

These lights are made extremely well. One of the best out there.

Reviews for Vision X Xmitter Series LED Light Bar:

Needless to say the Xmitter bar was well worth the money and I wouldnt even question my decision on purchasing it in the first place.

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