10 Things You Didn

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Installing OEM LED Myotek Jeep Wrangler Fog lights: What you need to know

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GTR Lighting LED Bulbs How they stack up

2)ALLheadlamps produce glare that can reduce the ability for oncoming drivers to see.(Osram-Sylvania)

Headlight Revolution: Why Most LED Bulbs are Junk!

1)Standard low beams cease to provide enough visibility when driving above 35 to 40 mph. The best case scenario would be for all drivers to use high beams all the time and use technology to keep the light out of oncoming drivers eyes.(Osram-Sylvania)

Halogen Lighting,Headlight Housings,HID Lighting

9)Unlike other colors in the HID Kelvin spectrum, 3,000K gets its golden hue from an iridescent coating on the bulb. This coating has a slight affect on the power of the light output, but a 3,000K HID bulb powered by a 35w ballast will still be significantly brighter than a regular halogen bulb.(Eagle Eye Lights)

3)According to the AAA Foundations report, called Countermeasures for Reducing the Effects of Headlight Glare (2002), as many as 50 percent of all headlamps on the road,or 110 million  vehicles, may have mis-aimed headlights! Shock, vibration and wear and tear are the greatest contributors to headlamp misalignment.(AAA Foundation)

4)Poorly manufactured, knock-off products can cause glare and imitate the blue hue associated with fully-compliant, street-legal HID products. In order to be a true HID product it must consist of one xenon bulb PLUS one xenon ballast.(GTR Lighting)

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10)Neither Philips nor Osram-Sylvania are in the business of manufacturing aftermarket HID conversion kits, non-OEM style HID ballasts (35w or 55w) and they do not produce xenon bulbs in different color ratings other than original equipment colors. It is very common to find copyright infringement in the aftermarket HID world, so if you see Genuine Philips HID Kit or Real Sylvania HID Kit Bulbs just know you are being lied to. If the company selling these products is willing to lie to you about who manufactured them, what else are they willing to lie to you about? If you want to know what youre really buying, try one of thesepremium HID conversion kits.(Top Line Group Automotive) (Philips Electronics N.V.)

10 Things You Didnt Know About HID Lighting

7)OSRAM-Sylvania is the only company worldwide manufacturing a completely mercury-free HID system solution, comprised of the light source and necessary electronics to optimally operate it. The OSRAM system allows customers to streamline the development and approval process for mercury-free systems. Mercury-free xenon technology is the future of lighting!(Osram-Sylvania)

8)Although 4,300K HID bulbs are thought of as being the brightest, they are not the most reflective. A 6,000K or 8,000K produces negligibly less light output, but has more reflective properties making it better for spotting animals at night, and seeing road signs from further distances away.(Top Line Group Automotive)

HID and LED Lighting Technology Information

Headlight Revolutions new and easy way to install Ram LED headlight bulbs in the 2006-2008 Dodge Ram truck.

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6)All drivers are not equal. Glare affects each person differently, often depending on age and environment.(HID Reviews)


Why are most LED headlight bulb colors 6,000k only without 5,000k or 8,000k options?

Not all HID bulbs are created equally!

5)When headlamps are aimed properly, there is no difference in the amount of light that reaches the eyes of oncoming drivers whether the vehicle has halogen or HID light sources.(HID Reviews)

Convert 09-18 Ram Reflector Headlights into Projector the easy way with Headlight Revolution

10 Things You Didn

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